Porticor Selected By Redhat To Its Newly Announced Innovate Program

Porticor, the leader in cloud data security solutions, today announced that it has been selected to the redhat innovate program designed to boost use of its open-source software and increase sales as more companies migrate to cloud computing.
“Our goal is for next-generation Internet service providers to build on our platform,” Chief Executive Officer Jim Whitehurst told reporters in Tel Aviv. “As they grow, their customers will buy our software.”
Seven Israeli early stage technology companies were chosen to get free access to Red Hat enterprise software. The program will be expanded in Israel before being extended to other nations, Whitehurst said.
Porticor enables cloud users to create a secured environment within minutes. Using a unique technology Porticor provides:
• A patent pending cloud key management technology
• Light-speed fast deployment using a unique “injection” technique
• A complete security stack covering multiple components of the data layer, including virtual disks, databases, file servers and distributed storage.
As a result, Porticor is able to provide its customers with a data security solution which brings the many benefits of the cloud – such as elasticity, flexibility and pay as you go billing – to the world of data security for the first time.
“The redhat innovate program is a great exposure opportunity for us” said Ariel Dan, Co-Founder, VP sales and Marketing of Porticor. “Cooperating with Red Hat and leveraging their market strength, enables us to get to many more opportunities quickly, and with a very strong partner. This is truly a game changer for us as a young startup constantly looking for new growth opportunities.”