AWS Security Tips from Amazon Web Services CISO, Stephen Schmidt

AWS security CISO

In a recent interview at AWS re:Invent, the vice president of AWS security engineering and the chief information security officer of Amazon Web Services, Stephen Schmidt, had these cloud security tips for AWS customers: 1. Understand your part of the shared responsibility model “It’s a shared responsibility. We are responsible for the bottom layer. We […]

Things We Learned at AWS Re:Invent 2014

AWS reInvent

This year’s Amazon Web Services Re:Invent event was spectacular. We met many partners, customers, and friends and learned some amazing information. Cloud has become the new normal It is no longer a “disruptive technology” or industry jargon. The cloud is now ubiquitous, unavoidable, and a business (SME to large enterprises) “must-have.” AWS Data Centers There […]

Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges: Digital data theft is more prevalent than physical theft

cloud computing security issues and challenges

The US Federal Communications Commission has recently reported that “theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft.” Businesses can do a lot to protect themselves. The FCC issued a Tip Sheet for small businesses to promote employee security training, firewalls, securing of WiFis, and more. But for business operating in […]

AWS: Cloud Security Mistakes Discussed by Experts

AWS Cloud Security Mistakes

Cloud Compliance & Security Training

Cloud Compliance Cloud Security Training

Every process needs some form of training. Information security is no exception and, because of the ever- increasing impacts of failure, it is more important than ever to get the training right. Perhaps training has a bad name it still struggles to throw off. When I first started work in in a government office over […]

Cloud Computing Security: Who Should be Responsible for Yours?

Security in the Cloud

IT Departments of companies of all sizes across all industries and geographies are realizing the value of virtualization. We are migrating data and apps to the cloud in record amounts. In fact, Information Week recently reported Gartner findings that the public cloud services market will hit $180 billion by 2015 [1]. And BusinessInsider tells us […]

Security Issues in Cloud Computing: Porticor’s AWS Experts Discuss

Security Issues in Cloud Computing

In a recent webinar, Porticor’s AWS cloud security experts took on the security challenges companies face when migrating to AWS (and other IaaS clouds) and offered alternatives that enable IT Directors to take advantage of the cloud, while maintaining control of their data and its security. Security Issues in Cloud Computing: Are you a TARGET? […]