PCI-DSS Encryption Requirements

PCI-DSS Encryption Requirements

Significant money is at stake and in need of protection in the Payment Card Industry (PCI). The global payment card industry covers several sectors: banks and financial institutions (acquirers), issuers, processors, service providers, merchants carrying out transactions online and via point of sale terminals in bricks and mortar stores, large and small. PCI Security The […]

Automating Security in Cloud Computing: August’s Cloud Security Tip of the Month

Security in Cloud Computing

Achieving the best data security in the cloud has multiple steps. In our tip of the month series, we have been addressing many of them and have received extensive feedback from you that these tips are helping you secure your data, achieve compliance, and attain peace of mind knowing that there is a way to […]

Cloud Security Best Practices of the Fortune 500

Cloud Security Best Practices

When you plan your migration to the cloud, and the cloud security best practices to secure it, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Here is some advice from the Fortune 500. Use these tips to learn from others’ successes and to avoid their failures – maybe their companies can afford “valuable” learning lessons, […]

Cloud Encryption Best Practices for Non-Profits, SMEs, and Enterprises

Cloud Encryption Best Practices

By now, we all know that if we store sensitive data in the cloud or operate any business-critical apps or workloads there, we must use cloud encryption to protect ourselves, our information, and our customers. It helps to break down the cloud encryption best practices by business type, translating technical issues into understandable day to […]

Cloud Encryption and Hurricane Season

Cloud Encryption

Hurricane season is upon us and like all natural disasters, hurricanes have the capacity to demolish homes, destroy businesses, and devastate communities. To protect itself, your business can set up a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution. The most cost effective BCDR solutions are today in the cloud, often called “Disaster Recover as a Service” […]

Cloud Security for AWS: Your Cloud Encryption Questions Answered

Cloud Security for AWS

At the Amazon Web Services Summit, we met many companies who have deployed (or will migrate) their sensitive projects to the Amazon cloud.  These companies expressed real concerns about the security of their information, and the status of continued compliance with regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS.  Below, a summary of the questions we were […]

Train Employees about Cloud Data Security: July’s Cloud Security Tip of the Month

Cloud Data Security

Every month, we provide an important tip about data security in the cloud. We have discussed fundamentals like encryption and key management, but for July, the USA’s month of independence, we would like to discuss our interdependence between our cloud data security and our employees. ComputerWeekly recently advised that “teaching employees to be aware of […]