Can You Own Your Public Cloud?

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  Public cloud computing is surging forward into healthcare, finance, and utilities. Popular cloud based implementations run the gamut from big data analysis to customer service applications, and everything in between. As more and more sensitive data processing is done in the cloud, encryption of data has become the obvious best practice. Google Compute Engine […]

7 Cloud Database Security Questions for Cloud Providers


  The cloud’s call is a tempting one. Migrating (at least) some of your databases has overt draws. And besides, it seems like everyone is doing it. But, still, something in your training and experience is nagging at you: migrating means losing control.   And, you are not wrong. In fact, you are right to […]

Strong Cloud Encryption Top Tips


In a post Snowden world it is clear that for cloud data security, we need strong encryption. When properly implemented, encryption in the cloud reduces risk to levels acceptable for sensitive data. There is no doubt data protection in the cloud computing era is never going to be a ‘one size fits all’ kind of […]

Cloud Security: Protecting Your Business From Hackers, Thieves, and Spies

Cloud Security

More than half of all American businesses use cloud computing for its many benefits: flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness top the list. However, due to its widespread appeal, the cloud also attracts the wrong kind of attention. In the last 12 months, 16 percent of public cloud customers say that their data has already been exposed […]

Top 5 Best Practices for Cloud Security

Cloud Computing for SMEs

Cloud computing security issues are constantly a top concern for IT leaders migrating to the cloud. There are many issues related to data security in the cloud and more than one approach to cloud security. Focusing on Infrastructure as a Service cloud security, there are five issues that repeatedly concern customers that are resolved by […]

Cloud Encryption: The Newest Figures, Trends, and Innovations


Cloud computing has been called “the most disruptive technology ever,” compelling businesses large and small to alter strategies and change business models. The Internet of Things and the trend of Everything as a Service has spurred a $150 billion cloud computing industry. And yet, cloud security (and, its key component: cloud encryption) is still the […]

Datacenter vs Cloud: Which is Right for SMEs?

Cloud Computing for SMEs

Finally! As an SME competing with the big boys, you are often at a disadvantage: they have more money, more people, and more resources. But now, finally, you are in a better position than they are. When weighing cloud migration, your infrastructure is more easily adaptable, flexible, and migratable: you are positioned to take advantage […]