The Benefits of Software-Defined Security

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At Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit, analysts identified 2014’s Top 10 Technologies for Information Security. They singled out software-defined security as a trend to watch, stating that because its “impact on security will be transformational.” Featured Download: Social media access at work. Do your employees know the rules? Like with software-defined networking, Software-Defined Security […]

Cloud Key Management vs. Hardware-Based Key Managers (HSMs)

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Cloud security is a top concern for any organization migrating to the cloud. The threats are many. For example, the fact your data resides in a shared, multi-tenant environment is a threat that has become a reality with the latest Xen virtualization bug, which allowed a malicious fully virtualized server to read data about other virtualized […]

27 Data Security Experts Reveal The #1 Information Security Issue Most Companies Face With Cloud Computing & Storage

Digital Guardian

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a mainstay for many technology companies today because of its superior flexibility, accessibility, and capacity compared to traditional online computing and storage methods. But just like traditional storage and data sharing methods, cloud computing comes with its own set of data security issues. At Digital Guardian, our mission is to […]

Hot products from AWS: reInvent

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As the show gets rolling this week, here are some of the products on display AWS: reInvent Here are some of the products being shown at AWS’s show this week. Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD) platform Key features: Porticor’s new key management solution and RESTful API implement and automate the key management process to keep customers’ […]

16 Tips for Moving Your Workloads to the Cloud

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Got a plan for your move to the cloud? If you do, you’re in the minority. According to a recent study, a mere 31 percent of those planning a move to the cloud actually have a strategy for migrating data and applications. The rest don’t. To avoid the complexity and cost, we recommend heeding the […]

Infographic: Top cloud security mistakes made by AWS users


Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) users lose control of their data by giving up control of their encryption keys to Amazon or a third party, warns Gilad Parann-Nissany with cloud security provider Porticor. “This is definitely not the best practice and compromises their data and their compliance with regulations like HIPAA and PCI. The way […]

AWS and Security Issues [infographic]


One mistake AWS users make is losing control of the data by ‘allowing Amazon or a third party to control their encryption keys’ Using AWS and Solving All Security Issues The Amazon Web Services public infrastructure cloud is seeing massive adoption, and for good reason. Using AWS arms companies with advanced infrastructure that, in most […]