AWS and Security Issues [infographic]


One mistake AWS users make is losing control of the data by ‘allowing Amazon or a third party to control their encryption keys’ Using AWS and Solving All Security Issues The Amazon Web Services public infrastructure cloud is seeing massive adoption, and for good reason. Using AWS arms companies with advanced infrastructure that, in most […]

HIPAA Compliance: Cloud Encryption Options

Information Security Buzz

Data is arguably the most prolific and most valuable of resources. As such, it needs to be protected both as a company asset and in keeping with data privacy laws. Data protection is most acute in healthcare, which is something of a latecomer to fast-evolving heterogeneous electronic environments in the cloud. Indeed, healthcare had to “fast forward” […] Breach: The Ripple Effect


Hackers breached a test server, reportedly affecting no records, but the repercussions could spread across many medical organizations. Thursday’s disclosure that hackers breached a test server this summer sparked more concern about the overall vulnerability of healthcare organizations and hope that the growing number of publicly disclosed hacks will encourage those organizations to expend more […]

Encrypted data in the cloud? Be sure to control your own keys

Network World

In NetworkWorld’s article by Linda Musthaler, encryption key management is explored and the control and ownership of the encryption keys is discussed. The article is timely and relevant as “more companies move regulated data into the cloud and as concerns about data privacy grow.” The issue of key management is an important one for US companies […]

Encrypted Cloud Storage: How Enterprises Are Doing it Wrong

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Encrypting cloud storage is now in the mainstream, the accepted best practice and a business imperative. Across the world and all industries, enterprises need to encrypt cloud data to stay compliant, safe and competitive. There are several offerings of encrypted cloud storage for enterprises. And yet, many enterprises are still doing it wrong. Which of […]

Cloud Security Breaches and How to Avoid Them

Cloud Security Breaches on InfoSec Institute

The cloud is expanding. More applications are being run online. More data is being stored online. More businesses are relying on public, private, and hybrid clouds for their apps, records, and backups. And more hackers are taking advantage. Why Security Breaches Happen in the Cloud Hackers aren’t attacking the cloud; the cloud is their access […]

@CloudExpo | #Cloud Security Myths: Busted

Cloud Security Myths by Cloud Expo

In a Feb 2014 survey, 94 percent of organizations surveyed reported running applications or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service.[1] According to research firm Nasumi, there is over one exabyte currently stored in the cloud. An exabyte is over a billion GB.[2] Considering the amount of data in the cloud and the growing rate of adoption for sensitive […]