Cloud Security Affected by HIPAA Business Associate Agreements


MedCity Health IT: The HIPAA Omnibus Rule regulations encourage business associates to healthcare companies to share responsibility for data breaches. These new regulations involve signing “Business Associate Agreements” with providers, yet are likely to strengthen trust in cloud security, and allow more healthcare entities to enjoy the benefits of the cloud while ensuring that patient […]

Thwarting the Mobile Data Security Threat

Wired Inovation Insights

Mobile usage is up in the work force – and it is not about to go down. Check out these statistics: Mobile broadband subscribers are forecasted to grow dramatically from 1 billion in 2011 to over 5 billion globally in 2016. By 2015, more Americans will have mobile access to the internet than desktop PCs. […]

4 Great Tips: Cloud Security for Big Data

Big Data News: Cloud Security for Big Data

The combination of cloud computing and big data is a match made in heaven. Big data requires a flexible compute environment, which can scale quickly and automatically to support massive amounts of data. Infrastructure clouds provide exactly that. But whenever cloud computing is discussed, the question comes up: What about cloud security for big data? […]

Cloud Security Solutions for Hybrid Clouds

Cloud Security for Hybrid Clouds

When large enterprises move to a public infrastructure cloud (such as Amazon Web Services or others), it is a gradual, and often times, carefully measured process. Large enterprises strive for 100 percent certainty that the migration process will not impact the business; therefore, they’ll usually start slowly, by migrating one application or process to the […]

Cloud Computing Security Needs: 7 Steps to Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud Computing Security

In 2008, the size of the cloud computing industry was $46 Billion. That is more than the GDP of Costa Rica! Think it’s a lot? Ready to jump on the cloud security bandwagon? That was 2008! In 2014, the size of the cloud computing industry has more than tripled to $150 Billion – almost the […]

Better Cloud Security with Lower Operational Overhead

SandHill - Better Cloud Security

When considering the major benefits of modern cloud computing, the lower operational overhead of the cloud should be high on anyone’s list. But when it comes to sensitive data — such as healthcare, finance, retail or government data — security measures are needed to ensure privacy and abide by regulations. Such security measures may be […]

WIRED: Cloud Security for Mission-Critical Workloads

Cloud Security on Wired Insights

Your business’s value add is tied into an application that was custom built for you. It encapsulates many of your values and competitive advantages. Due to its sensitive nature, you have resisted taking it to the cloud. But you also understand the cloud benefits and know that moving your most sensitive value adding applications to […]