16 Tips for Moving Your Workloads to the Cloud

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“When you use the cloud you are ‘outsourcing’ your compute and your data to a provider’s infrastructure, but you must not ‘outsource’ the ownership of your data,” said Gilad Parann-Nissany Read the full article on CIO Enterprise Forum.  

Infographic: Top cloud security mistakes made by AWS users


Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) users lose control of their data by giving up control of their encryption keys to Amazon or a third party, warns Gilad Parann-Nissany with cloud security provider Porticor. Read the full article on FierceITSecurity.

AWS and Security Issues [infographic]


One mistake AWS users make is losing control of the data by ‘allowing Amazon or a third party to control their encryption keys’ Using AWS and Solving All Security Issues The Amazon Web Services public infrastructure cloud is seeing massive adoption, and for good reason. Read the full article on CMS/Sys-Con Media

Security in the Cloud: How Hackers Are Going to Get Your Encryption Keys


It has been well-studied, documented, and reported that our greatest concern with regard to acceptance of and migration to cloud computing is security. Read the full article on InfoTech Spotlight.

CTR’s Top 25 Must-Have Software Applications of 2014: Porticor


Porticor’ Virtual Private Data (VPD) solution It is a well-documented need, spanning regulatory compliance requirements to basic industry best practiced, that stored data in the cloud needs to be encrypted. This is not unique as many solutions across the industry offer data encryption. That’s the easy part. Read the full article on Computer Technology Review.

AWS encryption creates a solid base for cloud compliance

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AWS made changes to data encryption features for services like S3, giving admins more flexibility and control. But many say it’s still not enough. Vendors like Porticor enable enterprises to encrypt their data under a patented key management product that works with private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Read the full article on Tech Target’s Search AWS.

HIPAA Compliance: Cloud Encryption Options

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Data is arguably the most prolific and most valuable of resources. As such, it needs to be protected both as a company asset and in keeping with data privacy laws. Read the full article on Information Security Buzz.