Uniquely Leveraging Homomorphic Split Key Encryption

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Porticor, a leading cloud data security company delivering the only cloud-based data encryption and key management solution that infuses trust into the cloud and keeps cloud data confidential, has announced the integration of its cloud data encryption technology with HP Atalla Cloud Encryption, being introduced at HP Discover Las Vegas 2014.  The new solution provides […]

HP launches split-key cloud encryption and protection for data on the move

V3 cloud security

by Madeline Bennett LAS VEGAS: HP has added new data protection products to its security arsenal under the Atalla brand, which aim to protect sensitive data whether stored in the cloud, in-house or on mobile devices, and is structured or unstructured. At its Discover user event in Las Vegas, HP took the wraps off three new […]

HP cloud encryption gives IT pros data security control

Tech Target

By Ed Scannell, Senior Executive Editor LAS VEGAS – Hoping to better secure corporate data from increasingly sophisticated hackers, HP’s new capabilities allow IT pros to encrypt data at the point of its creation, whether it resides in the cloud or on-premises. HP Atalla Cloud Encryption protects a range of unstructured data, such as payment information, […]

Homomorphic Encryption in the Real World

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For those following developments in cryptography, homomorphic encryption has been a hot topic in the last few years. Well, most practitioners are only interested in cryptography for what it can provide: data encryption, secure networking protocol, authentication and the ever controversial Digital Rights Management. It turns out that homomorphic encryption (HE) holds a big practical promise: when […]

Best Practices for MySQL Encryption


Many applications have a database at their core, and very often, this database is the mature and popular MySQL. Often it is the most sensitive information that gets stored in the database: customer details, credit card numbers, passwords (or password hashes) and so on. MySQL encryption is an industry best practice. MySQL Encryption: Why? Obviously, the […]

ePHI Security Issues in Cloud Computing


Healthcare businesses around the world have always had a responsibility to protect the privacy of their patients. Today that means securing patient data from prying eyes. Ever since patient health information became digital, many countries have introduced more stringent regulations to protect patient privacy and secure patient data. In the U.S. the Health Insurance Portability […]

Big Data Cloud Security Challenges, per the White House

Big Data Cloud Security

May 1 has long been known as May Day or International Worker’s Day. In 2014, it could just as well have been dubbed Big Data Security Day. It was on May 1 that the white house released an 85-page report on big data called Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values, discussing big data applications such as transparency into […]