Cloud Security Breaches and How to Avoid Them

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The cloud is expanding. More applications are being run online. More data is being stored online. More businesses are relying on public, private, and hybrid clouds for their apps, records, and backups. And more hackers are taking advantage. Why Security Breaches Happen in the Cloud Hackers aren’t attacking the cloud; the cloud is their access […]

@CloudExpo | #Cloud Security Myths: Busted

Cloud Security Myths by Cloud Expo

In a Feb 2014 survey, 94 percent of organizations surveyed reported running applications or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service.[1] According to research firm Nasumi, there is over one exabyte currently stored in the cloud. An exabyte is over a billion GB.[2] Considering the amount of data in the cloud and the growing rate of adoption for sensitive […]

Data Security Company to Support Transparent Data Encryption


A prominent cloud data security company recently announced an update to its security software by adding support for Transparent Data Encryption, as to better encrypt and manage the security keys of its business clients’ SQL servers. According to its official news release, Porticor will now support Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption within its Virtual […]

Porticor Launches Cloud Data Encryption For Microsoft SQL Server

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Porticor, a cloud security company delivering solutions for cloud data encryption and key management, now supports Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), securing Microsoft’s database in cloud hosting infrastructures with its Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD) solution. The company’s software-defined key management solution would eliminate risks surrounding storing SQL Database Encryption Keys (DEK) on the database server, […]

HIPAA and Encryption Lower the Cost of Healthcare

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Add to the list of known certainties: death, taxes, and the need to lower the cost of healthcare. Neither HIPAA standards nor encryption were created with the purpose of lowering the cost of healthcare, but neither was penicillin originally purposed as an antibiotic. Both welcome side effects in the world of medicine. Cloud Computing and […]

Layered security in the cloud

Helpnet Security in the Cloud

When designing your cloud architecture you may notice several differences between the cloud-computing environment and the “old world” of physical infrastructure. Two of the main differences are elasticity and dynamism, which are part of the cloud’s DNA. The fact that security-related components can be easily tested, evaluated and deployed allow many companies – both existing […]

Can You Own Your Public Cloud?

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  Public cloud computing is surging forward into healthcare, finance, and utilities. Popular cloud based implementations run the gamut from big data analysis to customer service applications, and everything in between. As more and more sensitive data processing is done in the cloud, encryption of data has become the obvious best practice. Google Compute Engine […]