Target claims strong encryption saves its neck

It seems Target was breached, really seriously, and 40 million credit card PINs were stolen. However – and here is the ‘glass half full’ part in what otherwise would be a complete disaster – since the master key for the encryption of the credit card PINs was separate from the breached Target system, it is […]

Safe Harbor in the Cloud, Encryption and Key Management

We recently spoke at UP 2013. The conference was focused on Healthcare in the cloud, and we spoke about achieving Safe Harbor – which is (perhaps surprisingly) a well defined concept, courtesy of the Health and Human Services administration. At the end of the day, it means that even if bad things happen, you can […]

Private and Public Clouds will be, in many ways, the same in 2013

The debate between those who sell private clouds and those who sell public clouds has been all the rage for the past 3-4 years. Private clouds are touted as more secure, while leveraging your existing investment in hardware and virtualization. Public clouds are touted as the only “true” clouds, with truly massive scale and real […]

Cloud encryption and process-level control

We recently received a request for help. An enterprise had been trying to secure their data on the “process level” and gotten into some difficulties. They asked us to jump in and help them out. What is a “process”? If you know a bit about software and operating systems (OS), you’ve heard about “processes”. Modern […]

Cloud Security & Cloud Encryption Explained

Cloud encryption and cloud security are hot topics for enterprises migrating to the cloud. IT departments are constantly looking for ways to increase flexibility and deliver value in shorter times, while utilizing computer resources more efficiently. Cloud computing is the natural answer to this evolution, yet at the same time enterprises cannot compromise on cloud […]

Virtual Strategy Magazine Q&A


As businesses seriously consider migrating to the cloud, one of the most significant concerns is data security.  We understood that encryption was necessary for securing data at rest, yet we saw that the critical issue of keys stored in the cloud was being unaddressed.  Read the full article on Virtual Strategy Magazine.  

Porticor is Now a Red Hat Innovate Member

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With an objective to deliver an end-to-end cloud data security solution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Red Hat customers, Porticor – a company offering cloud data security solutions – recently joined the Red Hat Innovate program.   Read the full article on TMCnet.