Porticor for Amazon Web Services

Complete Cloud Data Encryption Solution

Porticor provides the most versatile cloud encryption and key management solution for AWS customers, using the strongest encryption algorithms.

Inline Encryption
Encryption of every data resource inline via Porticor’s Virtual Appliance.
Porticor Encryption Agent
Full disk encryption installed directly on protected virtual servers.
Database Encryption
RESTful API integration with a variety of cloud databases for granular column, field, or table level encryption.
Application Encryption
RESTful API application-level integration for data encryption and key management policies for your specific SaaS or customer level encryption.

Patented Cloud Key Management Technology

Cloud key management stronger than hardware
The Porticor Key Management Service is fully cloud-based with no data center deployment required. Split-key encryption and Homomorphic key management technologies, enable Porticor to offer the convenience and low cost of cloud-based key management, without compromising your security.
Patented split-key encryption technology
Only Porticor uses a split key to encrypt every data object. One part of the key is hosted by Porticor, while the second part – the master key – is held by you. The result is that you control your data and do not need to trust anyone but yourself with your keys.
Patented Homomorphic key management
Designed for the highest degree of security against key theft by enabling the keys to be used in their encrypted state, with Porticor, your master key is never exposed in the cloud.
Automated Key Management
As part of the split-key encryption technology, Porticor generates its keys automatically, for ease of management along with maximum security.

High Performance, Scalability, and Integration

High performance
Porticor’s virtual appliance combines high security with virtually no impact on application performance and application latency.
Scalable and elastic
Customers can create as many Porticor virtual appliances or agents as necessary; they may be clustered for both high availability and scale.

Simple, Cost-Effective Management

Fast installation and setup
Porticor is available as a virtual appliance that is installed and configured in minutes inside your AWS account. No changes are required to your applications or to your file or database formats.
Central management and control
From encrypting a disk to restoring a backup snapshot, it is easy to perform encryption operations for all applications and servers from the Porticor console.
Automation and integration
Porticor VPD includes a secure, cloud-based API for integration and automation in your environment. You can easily manage your secure storage using scripts or orchestration tools, such as Chef and Puppet.