Porticor for IBM PureSystems

Porticor® Virtual Private Data™

Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD™) for IBM PureSystems combines state of the art data encryption with patented homomorphic split-key management to offer the most secure, cost-effective solution for safeguarding data in IBM PureSystems. Easy to install and use, Porticor VPD provides a complete solution for the entire data layer, and is up and running in minutes.
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Install and Setup in Minutes

Porticor Virtual Private Data for IBM PureSystems includes a virtual appliance that you can install in minutes. Through the intuitive management console, it’s easy to an encrypted storage with proven encryption algorithms such as AES-256. Once your data is encrypted, it is safe from hackers, unauthorized access, competitors and other threats.
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Trusted, Cloud-Based Key Management

Porticor’s key management features breakthrough homomorphic split-key encryption technology that increases security by an order of magnitude, protecting keys even when they are in use in the cloud. Porticor VPD is the only system available that offers the convenience of cloud-based hosted key management without sacrificing trust.
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Scalable, Elastic, Automated and Integrated

Porticor Virtual Private data is scalable and elastic. The virtual appliance has virtually no impact on application performance or latency, and you can create as many Porticor appliance as necessary. In addition to a convenient management user interface, we also offer a secure API, for a tighter integration with your IBM PureSystems environment.