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  • Datasheet

    An executive-level data sheet describing the Porticor solution at a high level.

  • Whitepaper

    Read more about the challenges of data encryption and cloud key management for business-critical applications.

  • Homomorphic Security

    Porticor uses a powerful cryptographic technique called partially homomorphic encryption to protect the encryption keys while in use. This white paper provides a mathematical proof for the implementation of homomorphic encryption in the Porticor solution.

  • Use Case: Healthcare

    Porticor Virtual Private Data is a cloud encryption and key management solution that enables you to comply with HIPAA and achieve safe harbor. Read this use case for more details.

  • Network World Article

Technologies we like

  • If you need a solution on your desktop, something like a secure dropbox,then BoxCryptor is for you! Check them out.

  • CloudBerry is a great tool for accessing cloud storage such as S3.

  • Looking to lockdown your cloud servers? Check out Dome9.