Cloud Database Security

Porticor provides encryption and management of encryption keys that works with the major databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and IBM DB2. Cloud Security for databases requires Cloud Encryption.
In this page we discuss Full Disk Encryption as it is used by databases, while Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is discussed here.

MySQL encryption in the cloud: How to do it right

MySQL encryption

MySQL encryption is one of the most common use cases we’re seeing in infrastructure clouds. Enterprises or software as a service (SaaS) vendors store sensitive or regulated data in the cloud using MySQL, and the immediate consequence is a requirement for data encryption. Below, I’ll cover the MySQL encryption options used by our customers, analysis […]

7 Cloud Database Security Questions for Cloud Providers


  The cloud’s call is a tempting one. Migrating (at least) some of your databases has overt draws. And besides, it seems like everyone is doing it. But, still, something in your training and experience is nagging at you: migrating means losing control.   Read the full article on LinkedIn.

Cloud Key Management and Oracle TDE

Encryption is key

Encryption of databases is a must for compliance, privacy and security. The major databases have built-in encryption capabilities. Specifically, Oracle has a built-in Transparent Data Encryption capability. As cloud computing evolves, these features are being used to try and create secure cloud database solutions enjoying cloud encryption. TDE is a basic building block for such […]

Cloud encryption: full disk vs. row level – The battle continues

Cloud encryption is a key component when it comes to cloud compliance. Surprisingly, companies we speak with, are many times confused themselves, and aren’t always certain what would be the best strategy for cloud encryption. As most sensitive data resides in a structured – database format, we’re often asked about the “best” cloud encryption approach […]

Cloud Encryption – Identifying the Right Cloud Database Encryption Strategy

Blue folder 283X200

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) database deployment is one of the most common cloud implementations we encounter, yet cloud encryption for databases remains a complex challenge. We often get questions around cloud database encryption methods (row/column level, vs. full disk, vs. application level encryption), and I would like to spend some time reviewing pros and […]

Cloud Security Requirements for Big Data

Big data cloud security requirements

Cloud security and cloud encryption are a significant challenge for any organization migrating to the cloud. Deploying proper cloud encryption while maintaining control of the encryption keys is an issue we’ve covered in previous blogs as well as in this whitepaper. But when it comes to big data, there are several additional challenges due to […]

Cloud Storage Encryption and Healthcare Information Security

Encrypted cloud storage for healthcare information

Healthcare data security has been around for a long time, but as cloud computing gains more and more traction, healthcare providers as well as healthcare software vendors, would like to use the cloud advantages and migrate healthcare data, or run healthcare software from a cloud infrastructure. In this blog I’ll focus on specific cloud computing […]