Safe Harbor in the Cloud, Encryption and Key Management

We recently spoke at UP 2013. The conference was focused on Healthcare in the cloud, and we spoke about achieving Safe Harbor – which is (perhaps surprisingly) a well defined concept, courtesy of the Health and Human Services administration. At the end of the day, it means that even if bad things happen, you can […]

Living with Spies in the Cloud: Protecting Your Privacy with Cloud Encryption

NSA Cloud Encryption

  NSA and Cloud Encryption The firestorm in the press, driven by the Snowden revelations, keeps growing. As the astonishing leaks get published, we discover that the USA’s National Security Agency (NSA) has a full-fledged program in place, spending hundreds of millions of dollars, to tap into Internet communications and get around the encryption that […]

Healthcare Cloud Security Needs

Healthcare cloud data security

During the past few months, we’ve seen more and more healthcare oriented organizations reviewing cloud capabilities, migrating applications, and planning ahead to further migrate additional applications to the cloud. The challenge is not a simple one – on one hand, the cloud approach is very appealing. Its flexibility (and cost) increases accessibility to information and […]

P for cloud privacy? Thoughts on Amazon Web Services VPC security


Background Back in 2009, Amazon introduced its Virtual Private Cloud offering, allowing customers an isolated virtual environment tied up to your on-premise network using VPN. VPC is a great step towards privacy in a public cloud, as it essentially put the instances access control back in the hands of the corporate security group. But it’s […]

Cloud Key management and Master Keys for Encryption in Cloud

Image of a hand, writing

Encryption in the cloud obviously requires encryption keys. To be really secure, you need lots of keys, a different one for each significant object (each file, each disk, and so one). But where do you put them? If you read the literature on the web, you’ll find two options, both far from optimal: let someone […]

Amazon IAM with Security in Cloud: Cloud Encryption and Cloud Privacy

Porticor’s solution for Cloud Security, Cloud Privacy and Cloud Encryption  fully supports Amazon’s Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) facility. A user may enter his or her personal credentials, instead of the AWS account’s global credentials. Of course, we also support using the account credentials. And all this is fully integrated with our Key Management […]

Porticor at CloudCon: Compliance with Standards such as PCI, HIPAA, …

This week we were speaking at CloudCon, on the  practicalities of data security in the cloud and achieving compliance. Porticor – Data Security – meeting the standards View more presentations from giladpn.